Biography of Mr. MAZYAR MIR BAGHERI (Eng.)

Mr. MAZYAR MIR BAGHERI (Eng.) was born in 1975 in Tehran, holds master’s degree of Petrochemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, and bachelor’s degree of MBA from University of Tehran. Family of the aforesaid are successful in commercial and management affairs.

The aforesaid started working by acting as the representative of products from Germany, and expanded his business by establishment of Tiva Tahrir Co.

Thenceforward, he established Vigor Arch Architectural Co. by gathering expert engineers, and started operation. Projects of this company, quality of construction, and architectural method indicate their high standard in implementation of projects. Their latest project is a 13-storey garden tower, which achieved earthquake resistance approval up to 7.8 Richter magnitude scale from Tehran Municipality.

Charities affairs were a priority from the beginning, and Mr. MAZYAR MIR BAGHERI (Eng.) has cooperation with reputable charities, and constructed schools, universities, sport complexes, and hospitals. Construction of second building of MAHAK Hospital, valued at IRR 150 billion, is a cooperation example. Izadyar Charity was established aimed at integration of charity works, and encouragement of others to receive higher assistance and helping those who are really in need. This Charity is among the few ones approved by Finance and Tax Affairs Organization.

His first book is to be published in March 2018, a translation in the field of psychology, and he is writing his second book in the field of self-assistance.

He established Yara Publication with this background, a publication institute, which support new writers to become author. Ms. MANDANA TABRIZI (Ph.D.), author of several books such as Ever Spring Alley, and Lady Azar, holding Ph.D. degree in International Trade Law manages this publication unit.